Why Professional Web Design is Always Better

31 Mar

We’ve all seen them online – the websites that look like your high school aged neighbor created them with the boring fonts and poorly placed graphics. These websites are impossible to navigate and have even worse web content. Companies with poorly designed websites don’t gain a large customer bases. In fact, they are more likely to go under, because they tend to encourage potential clients to go research the competition.

To have the best chance at online success, companies need to have a professionally designed website. Professionally designed websites capture potential clients attention, climb to the top of the search engines results pages, and increase business prosperity, however, creating an effective website isn’t always an easy task. Web designers should consider becoming, and businesses should consider hiring an online marketing company to create their website, since a professional firm will be able to guarantee a site’s success by doing the following:

Entice Potential Clients

The goal of any website is to increase conversion rates, and the more pleasing to the eye your company’s website is, the more likely your potential clients are to stay on your site and give you their business. Companies only have a few seconds to captivate their potential clients, and if their website doesn’t look professional, clients are more likely to move on to the competition. Professional web designers know how to draw the attention of potential clients, through graphics and navigational tools.

Demonstrate Financial Viability

If your site looks like it was created by a professional, your client base is going to believe that you are a financially viable business. Cheaply designed websites are usually a signal of poorly funded and managed companies – those who are barely making enough each month to get by. Potential customers want to invest in the goods and services of a strong business, and having a well-designed website is the first step in creating that image.

Convey Trustworthiness

In addition to financial viability, a well-designed site can also signal a customer to a business’ trustworthiness. Every secure website has “https” in the web address, however, most site visitors don’t look for this in the address bar. To ensure that customers immediately understand that your site is secure, a sign denoting security should be easily visible on the site. Professional web designers understand this simple design characteristic, and will make sure that your site look secure for customers likely to give you their business.

Get Everything From One Place

Don’t you, as a customer, love to be able to get everything done for your website from one place? When you hire an online marketing company to build your website, you not only get professional web design, but also the ability to get social media marketing, per per click advertising, search engine optimization services, and potentially even online reputation management.

Web designers – don’t sleep on this! I’ve said this before and I will say it again, if you are only providing web design without the other services that an online marketing company offers, you are not only missing out on clients, but also on additional income from the same clients for the other services that they are looking for, but can not get from you.

As a client looking for web design, you should always hire a professional to create your business website, and make sure that you choose a web designer from a credible online marketing firm. These professionals have the skills and education necessary to create a website that will convey the mission of your business positively, while also increasing your customer base.


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