How to Turn Your Website Visitors into Customers

12 Jan

In the wake of the growth of Internet usage, online shopping has become part of our life. Nowadays, setting up an e-commerce store is also a crucial part of the sales strategy. Turning your visitors into buyers can be as easy as ABC. We would like to highlight some basics to help ensure that you get your customer’s business via internet.

1. Internet Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

Both components are extremely vital for online store. Internet merchant account is a type of bank account which allows online businesses to accept payments by credit and debit cards over the Internet. It always works together with payment gateway which is also known as online card processor. Payment gateway verifies customer’s account information and receives transaction request. In a traditional brick and mortar store, it is the Point of Sale (POS) machine. Without internet merchant account and payment gateway, there is no transferring of fund. Affirmatively, the online business cannot function.

2. Effective Shopping Cart

Most active internet shoppers have this experience on some e-commerce sites before, after clicking “Add to Cart”, you are trapped. As the expected “Continue Shopping” button does not show up, you hit the browser’s back button. Nevertheless, you find out you have wiped out your original choice. Make your shopping cart customer friendly. A good shopping cart should be easy to use and allow the customers to review their items before proceeding with checkout. In addition, provide a platform to let your customers leave their comments and make it easy for them to share information about your products with their friends. There are a plethora of shopping cart software on the market such as PayPal and Shopify. The custom built cart can also be created.

3. Great Landing Pages

You never get a second chance to make first impression. Therefore, landing page is very significant in e-commerce business. Catch the reader’s attention by using concise headline and highlighted key points. Associated with quality product images or videos can give the readers extra push to look further into a product. An easy-to-scan bullet points should be used to describe your product clearly and succinctly as we all know that readers have short attention spans. Place the call-to-action button in a location where the readers will scan to. Choose a suitable colour scheme, overdo it with too many colours will just contribute to a clutter and drive the readers away.

4. Cross-selling and Promotions

Cross-selling is a practice which your customer has made a purchase and is encouraged to buy additional related or complementary products. Cross-selling not only can improve your website conversion rate, but also protect the relationship with your customers. However, overwhelming of cross-selling can lead to annoyance and it can be irritating to some customers. On the other hands, promotion is the best way to lure potential customers to your e-commerce site especially in this economic turmoil. It is an undeniable fact that, everyone wishes to purchase high quality but cheap goods. While running the promotion, you can have sample giveaways and ask the visitors to like your page or join an email list.

5. Show up Prominently

Can your potential customers locate your e-commerce website easily? You have an awesome website and wonderful products, but all your efforts will go down the drain if no one can find your site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an essential role in helping your site to show up more conspicuous in online search. To deploy an effective SEO strategy, you need both time and expertise. In order to keep a good standing with search engine, use short and informative title tags for each page with best keyword included. Using simple and relevant words in URL can also allow the visitors and search engines to understand easily.

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