How SEO Gives Your Business Edge

6 Mar

When talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), what is in your mind? SEO can be defined as a process which affects the ranking of website in search engine’s (e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing) organic search results. Search engine optimisation is indispensable to every business that has a website. It plays an essential role in achieving your business primary goal – sales. Below we will show you how crucial SEO is.

SEO Enhances Your Website Visibility
Just imagine, you have a wonderful website and awesome products. Besides, you are providing outstanding service. Everything seems perfect. However, all your previous work will come to naught when most people are unable to locate your website easily. In other words, your website does not show up on the first few pages of search results. So, how to stand out from the crowd? This is how SEO works. It determines how likely your website is found through search engines when a search query is entered. And it is influenced by many factors such as title, “description” meta tag, content, and so on.

SEO Improves Your Brand Credibility
Psychologically, the higher the place your website appears in search results, more trust and respect you will gain from the visitors. Search engine optimisation can make your website better and user-friendly. SEO also lays great stress on the content of website as well-written and keyword targeted website content can drastically boost search result position. From SEO perspective, a good content should be informative, linkable and relevant to the topic. Therefore, SEO-friendly content creates a remarkable impression to the visitors and makes your website a trustworthy source.

SEO Brings You More Traffic
Apart from social media such as Facebook and Twitter, most people may reach your website via web traffic driven by search engine. It is a fact that most people tend to click on the results that appear in front of their eyes instead of scrolling through page after page. Once your website is showed up on the first or second page of search results and you are offering quality and useful content, you have higher chance to get backlinks or inbound links. From Google’s algorithm updates, we can see that they are putting much more emphasis on the number of quality backlinks. If more trusted sites are referencing your websites, you will gain more traffic from different sources and hence more visitors.

SEO Offers Better ROI in Advertising
Excellent return on investment is one of the benefits of SEO as compared to other paid advertising such as Pay Per Click (PPC). Once your website is ranked high on the first page of search results, the number of visitors will skyrocket automatically. No further advertisement is required to boost the number of visitors. SEO is an inbound marketing strategy, it attracts targeted prospects who are looking for the products and services that your business provides. On the other hand, advertisements can be from anyone including those who click on the advertisement accidentally and no intention to purchase your products. In a nutshell, a hit from search results is far more valuable than online marketing strategy.

SEO Increases Conversion Rate
Optimise your website to become SEO-friendly helps your website reach wider audience. It is because you have improved user experience on your website. People can locate your website easily and your website gives them a good impression. Inevitably, they will trust your brand. On top of that, SEO is working 24 hours per day, it promotes your brand all the time even when you fall asleep. As a result, your business achieves better conversion rate, which indicates the probability for the visitors to become your customers is increased.

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