Effective Email Marketing Stratergies

19 Jan

How to grab the recipient’s attention to open your email and get the word out?
How to develop a great rapport with your customer via email?

According to a study by SocialTwist, a larger proportion of the people that actually become customers are reached via email as compared to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Besides reducing marketing cost, successful email marketing can also create more repeat business. The question is how to make email marketing work better?

1. Get the Green Light

Avoid sending emails to those who have not subscribed or opt-in to your campaign. It is due to the fact that the recipients may label you as a spammer. Worst comes to worst, this can mar your company’s reputation. In order to get more people to opt-in your campaign, you should place the email sign up form prominently on every relevant page of your website. Apart from that, you can insert the opt-in link to inquiry forms and order confirmations.

2. List Segmentation

Click through rates and response rates will definitely skyrocket if you manage to organize your email contacts into specific lists properly as the recipients will find your campaigns more useful. For example, you are going to run a promotion at only one place, so you send the emails to the group that lives nearby. There are several common fields such as location, age, gender, industry and purchase history.

3.Brief but Informative Subject Lines

Subject lines are always the poser of email marketing campaign. To stand out in the inbox, be aware of the length of your subject lines. A research by Adestra found out that subject lines with 49 characters and below tested well with open rate. It also showed that subject lines with less than 10 characters had a higher open rate at 58%. Besides, avoid the words such as “free”, “apply now” and “win” because these words tend to trigger spam filters.

4. Effective Template Layout

Keep your email’s design simple. Focus on the content and make sure your campaign is not overwhelmed with aesthetic elements like images. Design it in such a way that is easy for the recipients to scan so that they can get your points easily. In addition, include a call to action to tell your prospects what to do to order or get more details on your offer. You can also include a link to the landing pages to drive conversion.

5. Good Timing

Are business hours the prime time to send your email? The result of Experian Marketing study told us that the time with best open rates was from 8.00p.m. until midnight! Moreover, the study also found that emails sent on weekends had higher open rates than weekdays. It is all because of the volume of email sent at these times is very low. In a nutshell, your email stands a better chance of getting noticed if you have stayed away from inbox crowding.

6. Mobile Email Optimization

It is a common issue that the email looks wonderful in inbox, but when squeezes onto small screen, it turns from awesome to awful. The fonts become very small and the layout is broken. With the rising of mobile email usage, designing a mobile-friendly email is inevitable. To make your email look superb no matter where it is read, you should enlarge the font size, switch the email to a single column template and place the important tappable element within easy reach.

7. Track and Analyse

Tracking your results enable you to know exactly what is working and what is not. The essential elements that should be tracked are deliverability, open rate, click through rate and conversion rate. Test, measure and adjust your strategy continuously to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing. If you do not get an ideal result, try refining your subject line to be more interesting and double check that your call to action is clear.

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  1. Nancy Chiu January 20, 2014 at 12:57 am #

    Great and useful strategies. I added all in my newsletter checklist!!