Bring traffic to your online shop

28 Mar

Having an online store is like having a retail store, it’s rely on people frequenting step in your store (Customer traffic) in order to generate sales. There are few factors for customer traffic:

  • The location of your retail store – on a busy street in a shopping area. People will pass by and see your shop
  • Your shop  built over few years. You have your existing clients and word-of mouth contribute to your business
  • Advertisement: Magazine, newspaper, brochure, TV, radio…

These factors apply to your online shop.

You need visitor in order to generate sales. Hence, traffic is what will make your online shop success.

There are many way to generate traffic to your online shop. Here are some tips for your reference to bring in traffic to your online shop

  1. Submit your online shop url to search engine like: Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  2. Submit your products to Google Base, ebay, Amazon.
  3. Participate in forums/blog that related to your products and target client. Alway leave a link to your site from your signature
  4. Fully use the social media network like Facebook, Friendster, mySpace etc.
  5. Create a fan page at Facebook for your online shop.
  6. Provide some useful tutorials that related to your product or your industry.
  7. Create a blog for your online shop.
  8. Always update your blog with good content.
  9. Advertisement on popular blogger’s blog, ask for a link back to your site.
  10. Exchange link with your competitors.
  11. Join or launch an affiliate program.
  12. Create your own Twitter.


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