Mobile Commerce

3 Aug

Mobile commerce or m-commerce refers to a process of buying and selling products or services via wireless handled devices such as mobile phone and tablet. In short, it is commerce on mobile devices. With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, it changes the behavior of consumers to research and purchase products online. […]

How Google+ Benefits Your Website

24 Jun

Google+ lays a great stress on search engine optimization (SEO), which makes it different from other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Due to privacy setting and restriction to access the data on other social media networks, SEO effectiveness of other social platforms is limited. Investing some time and energy into your Google+ page, […]

6 Common Online Marketing Mistakes

22 May

Every business wants to get more customers, increase their brand awareness. One of the effective ways to grow their business is through online marketing. To market your products and services online and make your business profitable, you must employ powerful online marketing strategies. Meanwhile, you should also keep an eye on several online marketing mistakes […]

Tips To Improve the Usability of Ecommerce Site

18 Apr

Whether your customer will complete the ordering process successfully or give up halfway, usability of your ecommerce site is the crux of matter. An ecommerce site with good usability can attract more potential customers and increase the conversion rate. The basic usability tips we have outlined are: 1. Clear navigation How do your customers get […]

10 Ways for Turning Your Website into a Money-Making Machine

10 Apr

Your website is a very powerful tool that you can use not just for marketing, but for generating extra income as well. When the traffic that is coming into your site increases, so are the chances for you to earn money from it. If you would like to know how to do that, take a […]

Tips to Get More Links to Your Website

3 Apr

Link building is the fundamental factor that affects your search engine rank and drives your website traffic. To make sure you are building the right kind of links for your website and attracting more audience, you should take into account the following steps. 1. Make Your Website Link-Worthy Make your site worth a link by […]

How To Secure Your Website

29 Mar

Prevention is better than cure. You will never know what will happen to your website at the next moment. It is never too late to take initiatives to protect your website. Below we will show you some methods to ensure your website running securely. Strong Passwords We all know the importance of using complex passwords, […]

Is Your Website Doing Well?

16 Mar

As a website owner, a tracking tool is a necessity for your growth on the web. By monitoring your website traffic, you will know where your visitors come from and which pages on your site they visit. A tracking program also tells you which keywords and links are working. After analyzing the data, you can […]

[Solution] Polyvore Clipper Problem

11 Mar

If you trying to clip images from your website to Polyvore and receive this error message: There was a problem clipping this item: You cannot import from “” at this time. Here is the solution: Login to your Polyvore account Go to “Setting” page. You will see a text field for “Blog or website URL”. […]

Internet Marketing Tools for your Website

11 Mar

Internet marketing becomes extremely essential in this modern century as more and more people are using internet to garner information. The market nowadays is overwhelmed with various internet marketing tools. From our point of view, to deploy effective internet marketing strategy, here are the top 5 internet marketing tools that help you spread your word […]